This video campaign was a journey to explore the question of “What Makes You Half Mad?” and find a voice for the Half-Mad brand - a whimsical E-Store that blends fashion with fun. Deeply inspired by the playful spirit of Alice-In-Wonderland and the notion that it’s always better to be a bit mad, Half-Mad’s founder Naomi Kahn brought us together to collaborate with creative director, Beyond The Mag, who produced a separate photo shoot while we conceptualized, produced, and directed the videos. So we wrote a story-book like rhyme to narrate our adventure down the rabbit hole and filled it with delightful characters, funky music, and a heartwarming ending.


About The Artists

Cue the Bird is a creative/directing duo comprised of Harrison Macks and JP Stiles based in Venice, CA who prides themselves on being Visual Escorts for the short attention generation. Inspired by bizzarist humor and psychological narratives, they strive to combine surreal visuals with a heartfelt voice and a little bit of weird along the way.

Most recently the duo has been focused on short form branded content in the music and fashion space, working for brands such as MedMen, Diane Von Furstenberg, and bebe, and is currently moving into long form content with two docu-series in production.”


More of Cue the Bird's work can be seen on their Website and on Instagram

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