BMW X2 - Pietro Sedda

This BMW commercial features Pietro Sedda, an Italian tattoo artist collaborating with his drawings for the new X5 car special edition. The commercial is a tour inside a dark and surreal warehouse. The artist is the brain of an assembly line of humanoids that represent mind of it’s creator and machines which craft the car.

This job was so much fun. We selected a warehouse out of many, we still wanted it to feel real and raw and in Milan it’s not very easy to find this kind of places unless they are abandoned. Working side by side with production designer Antonio Piciulo during preproduction was essential as we had to prelight everything and many lights where practicals we had to construct with art department. We had to shoot the entire commercial during one night since we didn’t have time to black out the whole space. I think it was the biggest prelight I did so far, it wasn’t hard to understand what type of light to choose and how to hang it, but rather to chop it without hitting other installations and keep a good level of darkness in the background. I didn’t want to end up retouching every single installation during the shoot. In the end we didn’t end up having time to test and set levels to all the fixtures cause the prelight day had been very exhausting and we had to rest for the shooting day.

Small tweaks had to be done on set the fastest we could. I kept a bunch of light to use on the ground for lighting the background walls, by hiding them behind columns. I think we had a couple of HMI and the rest was something like 40 LED lights, from Skypanels to Sourcemaker or Lighttiles. The concept for me was to light on and off every single setup in-camera during the transition, in case we were shooting against something that narrative wise wasn’t supposed to be lit already, ending up to a master shot where all the installations are lit. Many shots weren’t storyboarded well and I knew we would have improvised a lot. It’s the type of scenario where you just want to play around. We had two Arri Alexas with Master Primes. The second camera was mainly on Dolly and the A Cam was all the time on Steadicam. I really had a lot of support from my crew and from M&C Saatchi who invested a lot in the project. But I must say the shoot has been very very stressful, I find it’s always hard to work during the night, concentration and strength starts to fade. This was the second project I shot with Marco Prestini and again he proved how creative and talented he is. Such a pleasure.

About the Artist

Giuseppe Favale is a cinematographer based in Milan, Italy. Giuseppe's work spans multiple genres including music videos, fashion, commercial, and narrative projects.

More of Giuseppe’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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