Thanks to Instagram, I became aware of the work of the South African photographer Duran Levinson. I was thrilled by his street and portrait photography and really appreciate his intuitive sense for the individuality and otherness of certain people in their social environment. He has a special eye for the beauty in the ugliness, while he combines trivial snapshots with complex themes like sex, violence, death, religion.

I really wanted to work with him. So, I dropped him a message and asked if he would be interested in portraying his work as a photographer. At that time, he happened to be in Berlin for a few months. So, we made an appointment, got to know each other, had some beers and then shot for three days with a very, very small team in the summer of 2018.

I wanted the film to be spontaneous, intuitive, fragmentary and anarchistic, just like his photographs. It was about using an experimental montage of semi-documentary images and a disturbing soundtrack to convey exactly the same feeling that his pictures convey. I hope we have succeeded.

About the Artist

Influenced by the aesthetics of MTV and inspired by the dreamlike language of surrealist art, Anthony Capristo’s work pairs a strong eclectic style with an engaging interpretive narrative. He direct films in a story-driven way with expressive images that visually depict the plot and evolve the inner life of his characters. It’s his drive is to create something artistic that is unique and rare and at best lives longer than himself, which is a pretty romantic notion. He is able to do classical work but prefers brave new content. Anthony Capristo is based in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany.

More of Anthony’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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