You Know Where You Belong

Acting as a mirror to human behaviour in all it’s mysterious beauty and specificity, You Know Where You Belong features athletes, but ultimately is about people. We all have quirks and compulsions, which subtly reflect who we are and how we live our lives. The film frames them through a meditative and observational lens, granting us privileged access into the unseen, daily moments of those who aren’t simply passionate but utterly possessed.

The inspiration behind creating this film was recently catching myself on a number of occasions jumping on a curb mimicking a skateboard move, completely subconsciously while idle. Even though I don’t skateboard nearly as much as I used to as a kid, these idiosyncratic movements still live inside me and manifest themselves from time to time without me even knowing it. This ignited in me a curiosity to explore the nature of these odd reflexes and subconscious behaviours athletes, of all calibers, engage in. What excited me was that even though I focused on athletes, these notions of unconscious idiosyncrasies and quiet obsession completely transcend sports.

We shot on 35mm film in Vancouver at the end of August with a small crew of close friends who connected to the idea. My dear friend Sam Tudor composed a beautiful score for this, which perfectly reflects the visual curiosity of these movements and progressively moves deeper into the psyche of the characters, while zeroing into the inexplicable grace of these behaviours.

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About the Artist

David Findlay is a filmmaker from Quebec City currently based in Toronto. His work is known for seamlessly straddling the fine line between fiction and documentary with a stripped-down yet evocative cinematic approach and casting of non-actors. His debut feature film Everything Outside had a theatrical release earlier this year in Canada and is currently developing his second feature.

More of David’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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