The concept for the video was inspired by the lack of privacy in our digital lives and how we so easily get lost in a labyrinth of the persona we create. In the visual, we follow Saro through a strange, shifting maze full of obscured figures and gazes that follow his every move, though in the end it’s all a creation of his own projection. The artist came to me as he was putting the final touches on the song, and we started brainstorming and teasing out what we felt visually from the song. Saro is an amazing artist to work with as his songs have such a visual quality to them, and we have similar sensibilities and aesthetic tastes. Having worked on his last music video for his track “Sardonic”, there was an established trust which creates a great creative space to work.

One of the things we both gravitated towards with “Please” was the feeling of being under surveillance, feeling that you’re constantly being watched and dissected by silent observers. I took that idea and put together a visual treatment and concept which became the base for the video. This evolved as the project went on, but from the start we loved the idea of walls of eyes and ears constantly watching and listening to Saro.

It was an ambitious project for the budget, so VFX Artist Nick Chamberlain was one of the first people I talked with early in the process. From the treatment I knew I wanted to shoot in black and white with an aspect ratio of 4:3. I felt like that aspect ratio best captured the vertical height we wanted to show with the walls and maze. From there we brought on producer Linda Reidmann, production designer Lauren Ivy, and cinematographer Corey C Waters. All of whom helped the elevate the project. Every project has its own obstacles, and this one was a real physical challenge simply with making and maneuvering the number of walls we needed on the budget we had. We had a lean crew, but everyone worked so hard to shoot what we needed.

Huge thanks to Saro and Kyle Draper at Mateo Sound for supporting the idea as well as the whole crew.

About the Artist

Alex Cook is a director living in Los Angeles. His work has been featured on NPR, Nowness, Billboard, Directors Notes, Booooooom, VOTD and others.

More of Alex’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram