NONFICTION is a tribute to retrofuturistic sci-fi cinema of the XX-th century with my own twist. It turned out to be an important project as it was the first personal project that I managed to finish even though I had a very limited experience in creating CGI at that time. Still, 3D offered me a potential to tell pretty much any story I wanted without leaving my apartment. Initially, I wanted to pay homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, but somewhere in-between the process, I realized that it wasn’t working out and it almost made me abandon this project.

However, during the process of peeling potatoes for my lunch, I noticed a lot of little stems growing out of it, which are also known as "eyes". My wicked brain immediately drew bizarre parallels with the project I was stuck with, and it didn't take a lot of time to change the concept into a some sort of Twilight zone mini episode in space. I am really glad that some people found this short interesting and it inspired me to continue my journey with other personal projects.

About the Artist

Roman Lysenko is a Kyiv based visual artist and director.

More of Roman’s work can be seen on his Vimeo and on Instagram

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