Dark at Sea

Directed by Carlos Asse & cinematography by Paul Theodoroff -- shot on 35mm, 'Dark at Sea' captures themes of frustration, defeat, and addiction to success through the movements of dancer Matthew Gibbs. The project emerged from Asse and Theodoroff's mutual desire to break from their usual routines to create something more personal and abstract.

"We didn't have many resources or much time to shoot this little passion project, so every minute needed to be put to good use. Carlos and I had initially intended on a far more complex concept but due to camera issues on-set we had to improvise. Our location was rented for roughly 8 hours, but the first 6 hours were spent troubleshooting mechanical errors within the camera(s). We ended up cycling through three different 35mm systems, the third body was sent in an Uber from Santa Monica, by a mutual friend of ours, all the way to DTLA, where we were shooting. Our trusty camera assistants, Joshua Cote, Chastin Noblett, and Travis Francis got the camera up and running with only hours to spare. The whole team came together in sync to shoot as much content before our time at the location expired. It was such a rewarding feeling, to fail over and over again, then to finally succeed as the clock was ticking down. I haven't felt that in awhile -- I became comfortable working in the commercial space as a DOP, and like I said, our intention with this project was to break that routine and take a risk. It was an extremely cathartic experience."

About the Artist

Paul Theodoroff is a cinematographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Stepping on his first set at the age of 15, Paul's passion for the film industry began early. His experiences on-set sparked a curiosity in capturing footage, which eventually led to a full-fledged passion for the medium. He primarily works in the commercial and documentary space, with the constant motivation to tell compelling stories.

More of Paul’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram