1800 Seconds

1800 Seconds, the album, is such a triumphant compilation that perfectly embodies the excitement behind the experience. My goal with the documentary was showcase each artists excitement for the journey to the album.

It was a pivotal time in everyone’s life. Pusha T took a huge leap to shape and executive produce an album, taking on a more curatorial role fueled by his long standing genius. He hand selected ten unknown artists to be on his album, working with them on the ground floor to elevate their own career’s. So, for each artist, this was the time of their life. Everyone’s coming from all over the US, from North Carolina to Connecticut, to stay in Beverly Hills to record for a week straight at the legendary Westlake Studios. The artists were all ecstatic to have the opportunity, as were we to watch their talents unfold.

We met with Pusha T in New York to talk to him about his own experience with success, failure, and most importantly- change. He walked us through his first big opportunity as a solo artist, which is working with Kanye on MBDTF. We interviewed him where it all took place, Electric Lady Studios, and spoke on a deeper level about his beginnings with his brother (Malice, ½ of Clipse), Chad and Pharrell.

After documenting Pusha, we traveled back to LA to film the whole team work for a week. The DP, Ben Mullen, and I chose to shoot on a few different formats to create a deeper language for the piece. We had little mini-dv cameras floating around all week to capture all sorts of genuine moments in the studio when the bigger cameras weren’t rolling. We then captured detailed back stories on S16mm of 3 artists on the project- Tyler Thomas, Nita Jonez and Cartel Count Up. Everyone had really inspiring and hard working backgrounds, and we felt that their three stories perfectly encapsulated the motivation and sacrifice we all saw that week. Everyone put a lot of soul into this project, and we are excited to share it on the screen.

Many thanks to Voyager, specifically Andrew Hutcheson and David Brickel for producing the hell out of this. Huge thanks to the agency we worked with, Experience Interaction, for bringing us on to such a freeing and artistic project. Watch the doc and then listen to the album!

View some project stills below:

About the Artist

Raised in the depths of Atlanta, Andrew Litten found a passion for filmmaking through skateboarding. After years of exploring the unapologetic tone of skate-filming, he began his career as an editor, working with brands such as Nike, Levi’s, Jose Cuervo and Mercedes. It was through this experience that he uncovered a natural transition into directing. Currently, Andrew resides in Los Angeles.

More of Andrew’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

Produced by Voyager