Go and Get It

Go and Get It is a vibrant hustler’s anthem with a series of multicolored dioramas representing each artist’s personality. Playing around with cartoonish indicators of wealth, like oversized and customized money and hustling while making phone calls, it represents the artists’ creativity, drive, and ambition as well as the joy of DIY and art without compromise. 

This is the 2nd time that I’ve directed Salt Cathedral as we continue to establish and grow their signature style. In their videos we explore their fearlessness and distinct take on fashion, their appetite for beautiful poppy colors, and their love for bold and artfully composed imagery. For Go and Get It, we had an amazing team of artists including Dasha Kova (Producer), Roland Lazarte (DP) and Sam Bates (Stylist) who helped in bringing the more tongue in cheek, quirky yet stylized aspects of the video to life. This video was truly a celebration of Salt Cathedral’s and the featured artists’ self-made attitude and colorful aesthetic. 

About the Artist

Susan O’Brien is a Brooklyn based Filmmaker, Writer and Art Director. Her work aims to combine colorful and stylized art direction with poetic visual language. Her subjects often include artists, musicians, and bold and fearless women trailblazers. 

More of Susan’s work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram