Virtuous Circle

Virtuous Circle is a portrait of brotherhood; of its trials and tribulations. An earnest and touching music video for singer-songwriter Jordan Klassen by director Farhad Ghaderi and Vancouver-based production company Boldly. Featuring Antoine Olivier Pilon (Mommy) and Ben Andrusco-Daon (Child’s Play) and shot on Kodak Super 16mm film.

"The film is about embracing the idea that we all are deeply flawed and contradictory creatures, yet still capable of loving in our own imperfect ways. I tried to bring as much of my own lived experiences and feelings into the film. Revisiting memories of my older brother and I growing up so close. Relationships are far more than just ups and downs. The most interesting parts about relationships often lie in the endless grey areas—the mundane.” - Farhad Ghaderi

Virtuous Circle was created with the generous support of MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBC x Music and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television).

View some of the project stills below:

About the Artist

Farhad Ghaderi is a Mexican-Iranian cinematographer and director passionate about conveying raw emotion in his work.

More of Farhad’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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