Toronto-based hip-hop/dancehall artist Pages approached us for a unique music video concept for his single, Heavy. The track had an aggressive, rebellious vibe, so we’ve decided to let some skillful dancers express how they’ve felt about the song on camera. We’ve decided to mix some Krump, popping and voguing to capture a unique vibe. We chose very busy locations to capture the energy as well.

Project Stills

About the Artist

Based in Toronto , Canada . Fatty Soprano & Shutterr are young commercial / music video directors specializing in today’s pop culture desired cinematic looks and trends. Growing up in the 90s , Fatty & Shutterr have a unique style of blending retro and contemporary formats to every project. Currently collaborating with The Field Inc., one of the biggest music video agencies in Canada, Fatty Soprano & Shutterr directed projects for Brooklyn top 40 billboard artist Maino, Riff Raff, Kreesha Turner, Mia Martina, Montreal’s rising rock band The Damn Truth and many more.

More of Fatty and Shutterr’s work can be seen on their Website

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