What You See

Originally, the concept was written down as a sentence in my notebook a few years ago and later formed the title of the film. The weight of the sentence had a greater meaning to me, and I knew one day when the time was right, I would be able to let it represent the right person. That right person was Mai.

The idea had come to my mind when thinking about some of the things I had to sacrifice while pursuing sport at a high level. It developed gradually over time and the people I met along the way and the lives I was introduced to through working in film gave me the drive to bring it to life.

I learned they all share success, but no one can truly understand the work it takes to get it. What You See represents the result of that success. What I See is the path they took or are taking to get to that end goal.

To shoot on digital was never an option. I’ve fallen in love with the look and feel of film and the way it represents characters, themes & narratives. The story and locations were written with this in mind as I wanted the scenes to speak for themselves, rather than look polished or somewhat similar to what had been done previously.

I funded the film completely myself and overall this was my biggest challenge. I relied solely on the people around me to give their time only, in the hope of creating a film we all believed in. I couldn’t have done it without them and one day I hope I can return the favour.

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About the Artist

Louis C. Brandt is an Australian born DOP and Director based in East London, UK.

More of Louis’ work can be seen on his Website, Instagram and on Vimeo

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